Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phuket and in particular the area around Baan Bua safe? 

Yes, Phuket is one of the safest tourist destinations in Asia. The villa resort Baan Bua is guarded 24 hours and equipped with high tech security installations.

Thailand has seen demonstrations. Could that disturb my vacations?

No. Both demonstrations in the last three years took place in Bangkok about 1000km away. Phuket has had no unrests. Even if there would be further unrests it is expected that those will be restricted to Bangkok. In Phuket there are no political activities. It is a almost international island with its own commercial cycle. Since years a higher level of autonomy is being discussed.

How is the medical infrastructure / care in Phuket?

Phuket has three first class private hospitals of world-class or at least high standard: Dibuk, International and Bangkok Hospital. All doctors are well trained and mostly got their certificate abroad in Europe, the US and Australia. In all these hospitals the service is very good.

What makes the villa unique?

The uniqueness of the villa is determined by a combination of features: The great views into nature, the works of art and a careful stylish furnishing. She offers variety and ambience. The three pavilions (salas) are an important feature; one has a better view than the other. You can experience the house in closed rooms as well as in open rooms. It is very independent of the weather. In the monsoon rains it is almost as attractive as in sunny days because it has so many open but roofed rooms. During hot days huge trees provide shadow. Because of the two floors different tenants will find their privacy if they wish. The villa is spacious and generously designed. It is completly surrounded by lush gardens. It combines flourishing nature with wide views.

Is the villa surrounded by a wall?

The villa is surrounded on the hillside in the south and west by a high wall, which is almost invisible by planting. The downhill of the garden with the pond is bordered by dense planting.

Is the Phuket villa completely private?

Yes, nearly no spot of the villa is visible from outside, in particular the pool and Jacuzzi area. The villa is a very private property.

Can I bring my computer?

Of course. The Phuket villa offers internet connection and is equipped with two printers. We have fibre optical cables thus a very fast access. The villa has two routers that reach the whole property. Our directory will give you more details.

Our plane leave late in the evening. Can I have a late check-out?

Yes. We usually avoid a change of tenants at the same day. In the normal case a late check-out is no problem. In any case you can use the small apartment in order to store your luggage and to use the bathroom. Our house manage will find an optimal solution for your

Is there a grill?

We have 2 grills, 7 side tables for all needs, a main table with four chairs and 8 additional chairs, all accessories. We have tested our full grill equipment with 15 guests very successfully.

Are there villa directories?

Yes, a short one of one page and a full version of about 20 pages. And there are special instructions for the sauna and computainment attached to each device. Each TV has a list of the programs. And we have a list of our entertainment offer.

Is there a breakfast service?

If this is really important our maid offers such a service. She is a trained cook and maid.

Is there a toddler bed, a massage bank?

No, because they have been in demand only once in 5 years. Our policy is to purchase things if they are in demand for at least two times and if they are economically reasonable.

If you have further questions please contact us through our contact form and we will be happy to answer your questions.