Rental Conditions for the dream Villa “Spirit Of Asia” in Phuket

1.Check-in and Check-out of the villa

Check-in: For a check-in at the booked day of arrival please call the house manager Mr. Ya. If you arrive by plane the house manager and his wife will wait for you 1.5 hours after landing. We avoid having a change of tenants at the same day but we cannot exclude it. If this happens the check-in is from 15:00 onwards, and check-out is before 10:00

Check-out: Normally the check-out is at the booked day of departure before 11:00. If you return the villa we expect it to be in a fair condition, especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. One hour before you have to do an inspection together with the house manager in order to look for possible damages. The house manager will evaluate those damages, he will report them to us and we will deduct them from the deposit. We will be quite generous. Up till now we never have deducted anything.

2. Binding booking and cancellation

  • The booking is binding as soon as the conformation / invoice has been sent.
  • Cancellation: Up to 90 days before arrival 5 % of the rental amount is being charged. Up to 30 days before arrival 40% of the rental amount will be charged, everything under 30 days before arrival the full amount of the rental fee will be charged.

 3. Rental period, number of users

The villa may be occupied only with the number of persons booked. In case of overbooking, we have the right to refuse any unreported persons or to charge 15% surcharge (instead of the usual 10%) and to deduct this from the deposit. If visitors stay only one night we will apply this rule generously. But if they stay more than one night we will charge.

4. Scope of rental

The rental includes the use of the whole villa with all gardens and the entire inventory. The villa is a complete offer that provides all technical equipment on a high level. Especially: We provide a functional dial in to the Internet as well as two computers. However, if there are dial-in problems our IT expert Mr. Sathaporn will solve the problems on site. If we found that the problems are caused by the equipment of the renter he has to pay the bill. If it was caused by our equipment we will pay the bill. And we offer to black and white Laser printers. We expect that you will use them only for the usual holiday needs and that no changes in hardware and software are done. If small changes on a short-term basis are useful we expect that that they will be undone by the time of departure.

5. Disclaimer

You acknowledge that you have been informed by the general disclaimer of the owner.  A large property such as this can bear certain risk that cannot be totally excluded. Risks do occur with regard to the behavior of children. Pool, pond, walls, trees pose risks. As parents you know about those risks. The owner excludes all liability whatever. The tenant acknowledges formally the disclaimer by marking the appropriate box in that respect or by signing the rental agreement. The disclaimer is part of the booking process.

6. Behavior of the Tenant

  • We expect that the tenant behaves in a way that no neighbor has a reason to complain and that his behavior is in accordance with the Thai law.
  • In Thailand, drug law violations are dealt with severely. Prostitution is officially prohibited. If the house manager or the security suspect that such criminal actions in the house take place, this will be clarified. If the illegal activity will be confirmed, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement immediately and without compensation.

7. House rules

  • Due diligence: The villa has been furnished with great care. We expect a similar care in handling the inventory.
  • Functionality and limits of service: Ya the House Manager ensures that everything works, he is responsible for the maintenance; he is not a personal butler. His wife Wee cleans the house and the laundry that belongs to the house. She is generally not responsible for cleaning the dishes and personal laundry.
  • In the study room you will find the “Villa Directory” in English which explains almost everything in the house (how to connect to the internet, how to operate the sauna) You find a short version of one page and a long version of around 20 pages.

8. Deposit

With the bill, the deposit will be charged according to the price list per week. Any desired special services will be reported by the House Manager and recalculated after departure. For damages occurring during your stay the house manager will discuss with you the amount of the damage. If no agreement is reached, the house manager will determine the amount of damage authentic. Special Services and the reported amount of damage will be deducted from the deposit. The unused amount will be transferred back to the tenant to his bank account.