Luxury-Vacation-Villa “Spirit of Asia” / Phuket, Nai Harn Baan-Bua / Villa No. 8

Type of Accommodation:

1 Living House, 1 Sleep House

Living space: 400 qm

Sleeps: 10
No. of bedrooms: 5

No. of bathrooms: 4

Additionally the following rooms: Dining, kitchen, dressing, 3 open rooms, gym, 3 pavilions.


55 km from the international airport, in the south of the island at arguably the most beautiful beach: Naiharn Beach. From here 1.5 km away, 15 minutes walking, 3 minutes by bike. The advantage of this location: In between the international restaurant scene in the Rawai village and a most attractive beach.

The spacious housing development Naiharn Baan Bua is arguably the best residential complex in the south of the island. It borders on a lagoon that leads to the beach. Here you have only a monastery with a beautiful temple and the Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Sir Peter Ustinov was a regular guest here for 12 years.

The villa is situated majestically on a hill, under huge trees, intimate but gorgeous views, in a gated community with service for 38 villas in total. An international community.

All rooms have a view, stunning views into the gardens, the surrounding nature and the opposite forested hills, nothing but nature. These views will not find somewhere else.

Structure of the property:

The front of the villa has two floors due the slope of the plot, thus the house in total has 1.5 floors. The total plot size is 2516qm, 400qm living area, 1632qm surrounding gardens, pool and three pavilions (salas) and 884qm additional garden plot with a huge pond and a pavilion built over it. The advantage of the two floors: Two couples can find privacy if they wish.

The villa has two houses: Living house and sleep house.

They are connected by two bridges over a three stage waterfall. This construction offers a maximum of quietness and privacy. The living house has easy to clean granite floors and the sleep house warm floors of teak wood. Both houses have almost fully surrounding terraces and balconies with gorgeous views. A private road leads to the villa, shared by only two villas. The drive way is flanked by works of art. Here you find the two garages.

The rooms:

The first floor consists of three open rooms and the entrance to the two apartments, a small one (maid’s quarter) and a big apartment. The attractions are here a waterfall, an entertainment room and the art galery. They are equipped as rooms to receive visitors for waiting, meeting and entertaining. All three open rooms have great views.

You reach the first floor, the main floor, over a staircase leading and a three-step waterfall to a bridge between living house and sleep house. In front of the bridge you see a plant and fountain arrangement with a huge Buddha.

The right side of the bridge leads to the sleep house. You enter it through a hall with three doors. To the master bedroom (king size bed for two), to the guest bedroom (king size bed for two), to combined working and sleeping room (single bed). Nobody disturbs the other.

The left side of the bridge leads to the living house, first over a porch to the living room, from here to the dining room with a toilet, this room is connected by a bar to the kitchen with a storage room (with a second dish washer) and a laundry (with a washing machine and a dryer). From the kitchen over a small bridge to the pavilion with a stunning wide view into gardens and hills.

The living room has elements of a Buddhist temple and seems to float over the valley and the treetops. Three sides are fully glazed. This view impresses everybody.

10 sleeps:

The villa has ideally 6 sleeps in three full bedrooms for 6 people. But there are two more rooms for one person each: (1) The combined working and sleeping room, half of it fully glazed with a great view (single bed, ensuite), (2) the small apartment with a limited view (single bed, ensuite). So now in total 8 sleeps. If we have 9 or 10 guests, two of them have to sleep on the sofa bed in the big apartment. The sofa bed is brand new, comfortable, very easy to use, 1.40m wide.

The location of the bedrooms:

Sleeps on the ground floor:

  • 4 sleeps in the big apartment with a comfortable bathroom, a working place with all amenities and 2 sleeps in the king size bed, 2 sleeps on the sofa bed.
  • 1 sleep in the small apartment with a single bed, but fully equipped (TV, DVD, aircon, 3 cabinets, 2 big shelfs) and a small bathroom.

Sleeps on the first floor (main floor):

  • 2 sleeps in the large master bedroom with a king size bed (two beds) a large bathroom and an unusual large shower room, dressing room, 4 m Jacuzzi on the large terrace. From there a gorgeous view into the valley. This view you also have from the bed.
  • 2 sleeps in a medium sized guest bedroom with a king size bed (one bed), a big bathroom and beautiful garden views.
  • 1 sleep in a beautiful combined working and sleeping room (1 big single bed)

Four bathrooms:

Sleep house, first floor: 2 marble bathrooms in the sleep house on the first floor.

  • The main bathroom of the master bedroom is very luxuriously structured by blue pearl granite stripes. The shower room is arguably the biggest and most beautiful on the island. 2 warm shower heads and one waterfall shower. A large window door with view to the side garden and the mountains. A shower experience with art, plants and view into the nature.
  • The bathroom of the guest bed room has large window doors to the back garden.

Ground floor: 2 tiled bathrooms of the two apartments.

In addition there is a big toilet next to the dining room.

Style of the villa:

The furnishing: Complete, generous, full of arts, stylish. The all say. Very tasteful, a house that lives up to its name „Spirit of Asia“. The property is very attractive at night because of the sumptuous illumination, in and around the house and in the gardens. Evenings at the pool, in the gym and in the sala (pavilions) are quite impressive.

The location:

On a hill, in the shade of huge trees, no insight, intimate.

The architecture:

Balinese, tile roofs, white edgings, spacious, wide views. In this house wide views, works of art, water features, garden effects, illumination and nature are perfectly integrated. No other house achieves this. This dream villa is unique.

The character:

The property is called „Spirit Of Asia“, because it contains a lot of art works – mainly in museum quality – which captures the character of Asia. Everyone says: A house with soul. A lifestyle house. It was not built and decorated for rental but it is a retirement home for the discerning owners. The art in the villa is an integral part. The house was built for only two people. It seems to be very big in the description because it was designed very generously. A house with a lot of variety. There is never a dull moment even in the rain. It was conceptualized for the receipt of friends, be it two couples or a larger family. The house is flexible from cosy to being open for up to 10 guests.

Facilities of the house:

The house is complete and fully furnished.

Overview: Large kitchen, dining room with bar, living room, study room, 3 pavilions (salas) und 2 garages, 7 aircons, pool, gym, sauna, jacuzzi.

  • The kitchen has a built-in dishwasher and one additional big one for the big demand, a three flames electric and gas cooker, built-in and additional micro wave, table stove, full-sized refrigerator, a wine cooler. A bar separates kitchen and dining room.
  • The study room has a built-in computer shelf with extendible shelfs for the keyboards. A computer tower with a large screen and a laser printer. On the working desk you find: A villa directory in two versions, 1 page and 20 pages, guest book, evaluation form. On the opposite side a sofa bed, many drawers and built in shelfs. Half of the drawers have all stationery. A built-in refrigerator provides the refreshments. Half of the study room is fully glazed and provides a gorgeous view into the side garden and the mountains.
  • The 10x3m pool with a counter current system and a spacious pool deck. In the pool boxes you find a mid-sized fridge. The decks are ideal for a grill party for which we have all the equipment. 2 grills, 7 side tables, a main table with four chairs, and 9 additional chairs, sufficient for even a big party. From the pool decks you have a few steps to the Gym with crosstrainer, sauna and spacious shower. Two sides of the gym are open and offer during training a fantastic view into the garden. A mirrowed wall expands the dimensions enormously. Very attractive at night because of the careful illumination.

In short: For wellness you have pool, gym, sauna and in front of the bedroom a big jacuzzi.

  • All rooms are equipped with entertainment facilities: 5 TVs, 5 DVD player, 2 Multimedia players etc. Center of entertainment is the living room, a large TV with a strong sensurround system. And a connected blue-ray player for all formats. Another entertainment center we have one floor below in the entertainment room (one of the three open rooms). For short-term rental we have a a brand new portable music center with a CD player, a docking station for iPhones and iPods plus a USB input or a bluetooth connection for your private music collection. With this center you can enjoy music of your choice in all rooms and salas. But we provide you with a limited selection of music CDs, especially meditation music. If you rent more than a month, up till the highest rental term of 3 months we can offer you a computainment arrangement of the highest standard. Everything is prepared for that, especially a big screen. 10 Rattan chairs, 2 small Rattan tables and a built-in fridge make entertainment in a circle of friends a great pleasure. You have to decide where to look – to the screen, to the waterfall or to the works of art.
  • The Internet will be accessed by two routers. With the newest optical fiber we have the fastest possible access. The basic feature of TV is Thai cable TV with more than 80 programs including familiar channels. We have preinstalled Internet (e.g. German Global TV). But this you have pay. One call and a visit in a German restaurant nearby and you get it on the spot. But the minimum time is one month. 990 THB or 25€. Then you have the daily news. But you don’t need it for movies. We offer a wide selection of movies either on CDs or on two hard discs.

Water features:

  • Pool 10x3m with counter current system, on the pool deck a pavilion (pool sala).
  • Big pond with pavilion,
  • 4 entrance fountains, 3 fountains next to the waterfall.
  • A low noise, adjustable waterfall between three basins. This waterfall characterizes the entrance area.
  • A large jacuzzi on the large terrace in front of the master bedroom.


The property is service by 4 people:
– House manager (on request),
– Gardner (4 days a week),
– Pool and Jacuzzi service (2x a week) and
– a maid (2 day a week plus service on request).
In addition you have service for the whole compound: Security and the large common area

All costs are included in the rental price.

Other features:

– No smoking policy

– Suitable for seniors (but it is not barrier-free, there are 2 staircase, one from the ground level to the first level and a small staircase down to the pool.

– Children are welcome, but notice the disclaimer. Your mark on the disclaimer is a prerequisite for the rental.

Longer rental with contract:

3 to 6 months: Two months deposit
6 to 12 months: three months deposit.

Individual stay listed for subsequent occupation times as in the table so far, are possible and individually negotiable.

Price and conditions:

Prices: See our pricelist

Self catering. We can talk about a breakfast service, but there will be no cook.

Minimal rental time is 1 week, maximum rental time is 3 months

Maximum occupancy is 10 people

The house has 10 sleeps. But at full occupancy there a two constraints for 3 people. 2 people sleep together with other 2 people in the apartment. One person sleeps in the small apartment with a limited view.

The price offered is understood as the rent for the whole property together with the private pool and outdoor facilities (as described above). During your booking period the property is at your sole disposal.

A frank word: Swimming naked is no problem at all. But please accept that Mrs. Wee comes for cleaning and the gardener Mr. Sak for watering. They are totally used to naked bathing. They are so discrete that you hardly notice them. We have an entrance with an antique Chinese door and a bell. Wee and Sak will not use the bell. All others have too.

Rental payment:

50% upfront after the confirmed booking, 50% 14 days before the start of the rental. A deposit is to pay as well. For our price list please click here.

The price offered is understood as the rent for the whole property together with the private pool and outdoor facilities (as described above). During your booking period the property is to your sole disposal.