DIRECTIONS TO Villa “Spirit Of Asia” / Phuket

To get to the villa you have 3 possibilities:

The first: Book an airport transfer with the house manager Khun Ya in advance. They charge the same as the taxi companies.

The second: Pass the customs check and go to 2 taxi companies on your way out before you leave the arrival hall. They have fixed prices. 2017 about 1000 Baht from the airport to Naiharn (55km).

The third, the one we recommend: A stand “Metered Taxis” before the arrival hall. You pay the meter reading (about 750 Baht plus an airport surcharge of 100 Baht). It is a bit cheaper, the drivers drive you into the house without any discussion and they drive less rude.

Direction sketches and a Google Map can be found at the bottom of these directions.

When you enter the taxi you tell the driver: “„Naiharn Beach – Naiharn Baan Bua Village. You have at least 1 hour to drive, 55 km. During rush hours the trip may take half an hour longer.

You drive over the whole island from North to South. Half an hour on the road 402. Then you turn right at a Toyota station to the right on to the Bypass Road 4022. You pass two tunnels which cross under intersections. From the second tunnel you drive 20 minutes to the first marker point: Hayek Chalong, the most import transport junction in the south.

  1. Marker point: The third tunnel; it crosses under the intersection Hayek Chalong: 2017 under construction, so traffic jam, 2019 finished. From here you continue to the south, now to Rawai.
  2. Marker point: 2.7 km later at the first traffic light you turn right. You see a road sign “Sai Yuan”. At the right you see “Seven Eleven”, before the shop you turn right and follow this road for another 2,7 km till you reach a T-junction.
  3. Marker point: T-junction: Right to Kata, left to Promthep Cape. You take a left turn and follow this road for 600m. You watch out for the following marker points: Left a German bakery, right a creperie. Not so easy to find.
  4. Marker point: At the right corner a super market “Family Mart”. In front of the shop a road sign “Naiharn Baan Bua”. You turn right and follow that road with three curves for 500m. You finally pass a redbrown wall on the left side.
  5. Marker point: At the end of the wall you turn left and you are now in the residential complex “Naiharn Baan Bua” and you continue on the road Soi Naya 1 (this is your street address) for another 100m.

Security: You ignore the first security. 80m further you reach the main security. To the right is a barrier. The security will come to your car: Tell them “Dr. Frank, villa 8”. Normally this is enough to open the barrier. Perhaps you want to call Wee and Ya, who are waiting for you. Therefore, their phone numbers should be kept ready, because the security does not understand English. Ya: 084-9910881 and Wee: 084-9926626. If the security is still reluctant because you are not known please add: “Renters of Dr. Frank, Villa 8” and show them the telephone numbers of Wee and Ya. Now the barrier will open. Now you are on the private premises of Naiharn Baan Bua.

Entrance area: Go 150m straight ahead. Then take left a bit steep road up the hill: 75m. On the left is the neighbor and on the right is your home. Slowly: You take a sharp right turn onto our drive way. If the taxi tip had been pleasant, give the driver a 50 Baht tip.


House manager Ya and his wife Wee (the maid) should be there to meet you. They welcome you, introduce themselves and give you the keys. They will explain the opening of the house and show you the bed rooms. In the refridgerator you find refreshments.

If you are only two people you get only one key, the one for the sleep house. Normally only this will be locked, only the first floor. If you are more than one party you will get in addition one key for your individual bedroom. The system is very easy. In every bedroom you have a keyboard next to the door. They are for your individual keys.

If you are still in the mood Wee and Ya will show you the House. Ask for the Villa Directory. You get two: The short one is only one page. The full version is about 20 pages. The reading time is worth it because much more value out of the house quickly.

If you want more keys you will get more, but you don’t need more.

Your address:

20/15 Moo1, Soi Naya 1, Nai Harn Baan-Bua, Villa Nr. 8, T. Rawai, Phuket 83130, Thailand

Your land line number: You have only one telephone, the one in the study room above the printer: 076-602471.

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Anfahrt zur Ferien Miet Villa Phuket Naiharn Beach

Here a Google Map for directions