What is new in Villa “Spirit of Asia“

We revealed wellness for the Villa “Spirit of Asia”, because she is an ideal location for wellness. In the summer half year in Europe (April 15 till Oct 15) we adjust the villa to wellness retreats, e.g. yoga retreats, that means we rent out our villa, provide equipment and act as facilitator for further services.

Asia is very much related to wellness. Sabai is the Thai word for wellness. Famous wellness concepts stem from India: Ayurveda and yoga. In China Tai Chi and Qigong are related concepts. Their origins are different, but they all aim at a holistic concept for strengthening your health.

The Villa „Spirit of Asia“ is affluently equipped with Asian art and conveys a relation to Asia by every sight. Therefore its name, which the villa lives up to in the opinion of all visitors.

The villa was built for excellent views into pristine nature, a soothing view into a lush and varied nature. Only some parts of Thai roofs are peeping through the canopies of the trees. In the 2.200 m² large garden you find a varied range of birds and butterflies, fishes and squirrels. Water hens breed in spring in the big pond and guide their young ones in late summer to find food. Birds have their breeding ground on our terraces. The whole property is an ideal surrounding for wellness.

For meditation: 3 salas (pavilions), terraces and a roofed garden bench. For exercises: Gym, pool, round trail, lawns in lush gardens.

The villa is ideal for wellness retreats, e.g. yoga or detox retreats: Quiteness, privacy, huge lush gardens, sunrise and sunset atmosphere on long and huge terraces, style and art, pristine nature all around, gym for wellness, sauna, pool with jet stream, 3 salas (pavilions), large pool deck, large open rooms which will be rearranged for yoga or treatments, a water fall in the background.
Sleeping: 10 sleeps in 5 rooms: First floor: 1 master bedroom with king size and Jacuzzi before it, 1 bedroom with 1 king size, 1 single bedroom (study). Ground floor: 1 room with one king size and one king size sofa bed, 1 small bedroom (maid’s); all with ensuite luxury bathrooms, only the bathroom of the maid’s quarters is simple.

We provide documents for wellness that explain our holistic concept of wellness which is state-of-the-art. We provide instruments and instruction materials for: (a) cardio trainer (cross trainer); (b) exercises standing, sitting on chairs and lying on yoga mats, resistance bands, exercise ball; (c) integrating the sauna; (d) swimming in different styles; (e) body massages, hand and foot massage, underwater massages, black roll; (f) meditation; (g) hints for nutrition (sugar tables and purine tables). The instruction manuals are comprising two files: One file for quick reading, one file for further material.